Open IT For Development is a non-profit organization that, in the context of cooperation projects, work primarily with technology SMEs to provide them with support and consulting services. Services dispensed are related to both marketing and legal aspects. Français

Open IT For Development is an innovative non-profit organization founded by a business developer and a lawyer. It is an organization specialized in emerging regions precisely: West Africa and Southeast Europe. Open IT For Development provides relevant support and services dedicated foremost to technology SMEs and companies from public or private sectors including universities, research institute, municipalities, NGOs operating within the framework of international cooperation projects. At Open IT For Development, consultants focus on quality of services are results oriented and fully engaged to deliver the best assistance.

  • Market Studies
  • Legal Analysis
  • Project Coordination
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Social Development
  • Education
  • Trade & Services

Open IT For Development focuses mainly on information and communication technology thematic within two geographical areas: West Africa and Southeast Europe.

Consulting services and support provided by Open IT For Development span in areas such as project legal analysis and strategic marketing. Services are delivered both in the pre-project phase and during the project lifetime.

Open IT For Development, as a non-profit organization, is open for contributions from any type of external members. Supporting Open IT For Development will help in implementing social innovative projects in Senegal, Turkey and in other countries.

OITFD Vision
  • Open IT For Development advocates openness & independency, thus committing to adoption of open source software
OITFD Projects
  • Open IT For Development is targeting its first social project in Africa by the end of the year
OITFD Leitmotiv
  • Open IT For Development consists of a consulting team fully committed to provide best services